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Coltene Roeko Gelatamp

38 $
Coltene Roeko Gelatamp GelatampĀ is aĀ gelatine sponge for the prophylaxis of wound infections and secondary bleeding after extractions.Ā Gelatamp contains colloidal silver

Goodwill Hemosponge Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge

10 $
Goodwill Hemosponge Dental Sterile Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge Goodwill Hemosponge 10x10x10 MM Absorbable Gelatin SpongeĀ ā€“ AGS111 It is widely used

Prevest Denpro Alvocure Dry Socket Paste

18 $
Prevest Denpro Alvocure For Dry Socket Treatment & Post Extraction Dressing Alvocure Dry Socket Paste Alvocure is a dry socket