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Marathon Straight Surgical Handpiece ES -100N

202 $
DescriptionThe surgical straight handpieces have been specially designed for oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology. The high-quality Titanium?with special coating

Nsk S-max M65 Internal Spray Straight Handpiece (Non-Optic)

667 $
Features Internal spray system for efficient and precise cooling. M65 Ceramic Bearings for enhanced durability and reduced weight. Straight design

NSK SGA E2S Micro Surgery Handpiece

1.591 $
Features 20? Angle Head for enhanced access and maneuverability. 1:2 Gear Ratio for superior torque and power. Max Speed 80,000

NSK SGA ES Handpiece

1.320 $
Features 20? angled head for enhanced maneuverability 1:1 direct drive for optimal power transmission Accommodates ?2.35 surgical burs Maximum speed

NSK SGS E2S Micro Surgery Straight Handpiece

1.252 $
Features Precision tool for microsurgery procedures. Gear ratio of 1:2 for increased speed. Max speed of 80,000 min-1. Accommodates ?2.35

NSK SGS ES Micro Surgery Straight Handpiece

982 $
Features Precise straight head design for microsurgery accuracy. A 1:1 gear ratio ensures optimal power transmission. Compatible with ?2.35 surgical

NSK Ti Max – X65L Handpiece

1.186 $
Features Advanced technology and exceptional design for precise performance. The gear ratio of 1:1 and direct drive system for optimal

Saeyang Marathon Krafit ES-6 Straight Handpiece

135 $
Saeyang Marathon Krafit ES-6 Straight Handpiece DentGist Toofan Airotors has been enhanced to meet expectations in modern dental surgeries. Precision

Wisedent Airmotor Set With Straight And Contra Handpiece

127 $
Wisedent Airmotor Set With Straight And Contra Handpiece Versatility: This set includes both straight and contra-angle handpieces, making it suitable for