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Nutrident Co. is a Manufacturer and supplier of prescription, dental, and laser equipment.
Nutrident is headquartered in Dubai. Our company offers various equipment with approved standards, the highest quality, and the most appropriate price.
Nutrident is proud to produce and supply the most advanced laser skin, hair, and beauty devices with a team of scientists and elites. Nutrident with an experienced group is ready to provide the products needed by dentists worldwide.
Nutrident is a different step in the medical world

Nutrident Company is the exclusive representative of Lumadent American loupes and Panda intra-oral scanners in the Middle East.

Nutrident is the largest reference for dental equipment, covering more than 2,000 products and 400 top brands, creating easy access for dentists worldwide to make purchases.

On the Nutrident website, you can easily purchase loupes, magnification equipment, digital dentistry machines, general equipment, and dental materials.

We also provide 24-hour online support and consulting on WhatsApp for our customers.

Nutrident’s headquarters in Dubai takes pride in shipping all orders, domestically and internationally, to the entire UAE and other countries in the fastest time possible. All orders come with a warranty and guarantee of authenticity.

With easy payment options via PayPal, Mastercard, or Visa card,

Nutrident Company is the brighter choice for dentists,

by dentists, for dentists.


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