Introducing the Panda smart scanner! The lightest and fastest scanner in the world

Panda Smart scanner

Panda brand is one of the most famous dental equipment manufacturers. This company has achieved many successes in dental equipment production by providing high-quality products. One of this brand’s renowned pieces of equipment is the intraoral scanner, considered one of the best dental scanners. You may be familiar with P2 and P3 models and have experience working with these devices. These two models of intraoral scanners have attracted many fans due to their excellent performance. In 2023, the Panda brand attracted all eyes to this product by introducing the Panda Smart scanner.

Panda Smart oral scanner is one of the unique products among competitors. In the following video, you will find out the excellent use of this device:

Introducing Panda Smart scanner

As an initial show, this product attracted many fans in world exhibitions. By reviewing the specifications of this product in a summary and table, we can provide you with the information of this intraoral scanner.

Specifications of the Panda Smart scanner

Exceptional specifications are provided for this unique scanner. The ergonomic design of this scanner increases its efficiency in various uses. Panda’s smart scanner is much lighter than its other models. You can see the full specifications of this scanner in the following video:

In the table below, you can see the specifications of the Smart Panda scanner:

221 x 27 x 25 mm Overall size
Only 138 grams The weight of the Panda Smart model scanner
83 x 19 x 14 mm Small tip
18 x 16 mm Transverse scan field
0 to 20 mm Scan depth
7 micrometers Accuracy of work
Plug and Play capability (connect directly to the monitor and treat without additional wires!) Options
It has a push-button
(one click: start/stop scan)
(Double click: changing the color spectrum of the scan on the display)
(Hold the button: next step / start process / save data)
Sensitivity to movement Sensor
Turbo cooling fan + completely silent Competitive features

Advantages of using smart intraoral scanner


Using the Panda Smart model scanner from the Panda brand has become one of the vital tools in dental offices due to its unique features and benefits.

In the following, we discuss some of the advantages of using the Smart Panda intraoral scanner:

1. High accuracy

The high accuracy of the Panda Smart model scanner is one of the striking advantages of this device in dentistry. High accuracy allows dentists to obtain accurate and realistic images of their patients’ teeth and oral structures. Also, the smart model intraoral scanner has advanced technology that provides authentic and transparent 3D images for dentists. This device is made to record even the most minor details of the patient’s mouth.

2. Ease of work

Ease of operation is one of the prominent features of the Panda Smart model scanner, which allows dentists to use this device with ease and hassle. Smart Panda has made the experience of working with it easy for dentists to understand by designing a simple and conceptual user interface. This user interface reduces the need for lengthy training to use the device and allows even novice doctors to use this scanner model easily.

3. Save time

Saving time is another obvious advantage of using the Panda Smart model scanner for dentists. This device allows dentists to perform the process of recording intraoral images in a much faster and more efficient way.

With the high speed and accuracy of Smart Panda, the process of recording intraoral images is primarily removed from manual settings and is done automatically. This has reduced the time needed to prepare ideas, leading to an increase in the number of patients who visit the clinic in one day.

4. Improve user experience

Increasing the quality of the user experience is one of the advantages of the Panda Smart scanner. This device improves the user experience with the ability to take accurate images and provide clear 3D images of patients’ mouths. Patients can view their oral images live and stay informed about their treatments with dentists. This gives patients more confidence in their dental treatment and prevents anxiety and fear.

Comparison of Panda Smart scanner with other models

Usually, dental scanners are produced with high weight and volume, but the Panda Smart scanner, with its lighter design, provides more accessible transportation for dental professionals. Also, this model from the Panda brand is more accurate than similar products. The greater accuracy of the scanner allows dentists to make a better and more precise diagnosis.

One of the outstanding features of this scanner is that it has more options and equipment than competitors. This feature lets professionals connect the scanner directly to the monitor and begin treatment without additional wires. Also, the push button is equipped with a single-click and double-click; holding the button allows users to control the device.

In addition, this model’s Plug and Play feature allows professionals to set up the device quickly and continue the treatment process without delay. The push button also simplifies the user experience. Professionals can start or stop the scanning process with a simple click and even adjust color changes with a double click. For a better understanding, watch the following two videos of the smart model scanner:

Panda smart scanner mid-winter exhibitions

On February 23, a show was held to introduce the Panda Smart scanner. With the presence of dentists, this show became one of the most magnificent ceremonies of 2023. This meeting was held to raise the smart Panda scanner and to exchange opinions between dentists. The Chicago Dental Association at McCormick Place West started the show. After the start of this show, people interested in dentistry and doctors visited this exhibition.

After hearing about this show, customers and doctors worldwide came to this booth for advice and more information. According to the doctors of this complex, the Panda Smart scanner is an advanced technology in dentistry. The doctors in this exhibition touched on the Smart model of the Panda scanner and have experience working with this device. After seeing the beautiful features and options and the perfect functioning of this product, they showed great interest in it and approved the technologies of this brand.

The new Panda scanner was introduced in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center exhibition. Below, you can also see the pictures of this exhibition:

Panda Smart scanner in dubai

Panda Smart scanner in dubai

Buy a smart panda scanner

Buying quality dental scanners and equipment is one of the constant problems of doctors, and this problem has just been solved. To buy the Panda Smart model scanner, you can order it considering all the specifications and options of the product. To order and buy this dental scanner, you can contact Nutrident specialists.

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