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lumadent dental loupe

American Lumadent is a great dental equipment manufacturer. Lumadent dental loupe is a modern and practical product with the latest technologies in today’s modern world. Lumadent loupes can provide high performance and high efficiency for your needs in separate dental products. Nutrident (dental equipment online store), as the exclusive representative of Lumadent American company in the UAE, supplies the products of this company directly. So you will not need to look for other stores. To know the exact specifications of Lumadent loops, stay with Nutrident until the end of this article.

Why do we need Lumadent dental loupe?

Dr. Gholamrezaei, specialist in dental prostheses

Dr. Gholamrezaei, a specialist in dental prostheses

The need for a Luma dental loupe is determined when you have experience working with the loupe. Or you may have noticed that using a dental microscope loupe has many difficulties. A necessary problem that can be mentioned for dental loupes is the incompatibility of the loup size with the doctor’s face. You may want to use this device for different purposes during treatment. Now, Lumadent is offering you an advantage. You can smoothly get the loop with a custom frame from Nutrident.

lumadent loupes use
Another advantage of Lumadent dental loupes is the convenience of the neck when using the ErgoPrism model. In this model of Lumadent loupes, you can efficiently perform all your treatments without bending your neck and looking forward. You can see how these loops work in the video below:

Opening of lumadent dental loup models

Working with Lumadent Loupe by Dr. Gholamrezaei

Working with Lumadent Loupe by Dr. Gholamrezaei

Lumadent loupes are available in different models worldwide. These models are:

1. Lumadent ErgoPrism dental loupe (in two types, TTL and flip up)

In this Lumadent loupe, many advantages can be mentioned to encourage you to buy. As you can see in the picture above, the unique ergonomic design of this loupe means that you can have a very suitable view for treatment without bending your neck. This loupe of Lumadent loops can be the most efficient for different applications.

Flip-up loupe

Flip-up loupe

It should be noted that this loop is one of the most popular Luma loupes. Among the essential features of these Lumadent loupes the following can be mentioned that you can see:

Field of view 65 to 89 mm
Depth of field 26 to 76 mm
Weight with frame Average 63 grams
Adjustable focus distance Yes
The possibility of custom-making for your needs Yes
RX Ready option Yes
The amount of magnifications 3.3 times, 4.3 times, five times

2. Galilean Lumadent dental loupe

This loupe is considered one of the most popular Lumadent dental loupes offered in Nutrident, and we see an excellent variety for you to choose from. You can select your perfect choice among the countless options available in the Galilean model. In addition, due to the ability to order the frame and the possibility of customizing other parts of the loupe, you will put the most special dental loupe in the world in your eyes! In general, this Lumadent dental loupe has the following features, which we have summarized for you:

Field of view 51 to 85 mm
Depth of field 51 to 114 mm
Weight with frame 40 to 60 grams in different models
Adjustable focus distance Yes
The possibility of custom-making for your needs Yes
RX Ready option Yes
The amount of magnifications 2.5 times, three times, 3.5 times


3. Luma dental loupe Prism model

Many benefits have been estimated for the Prism model loupes produced by the American Lumadent company. These Lumadent loupes have many advantages for you in different applications. One of the most essential advantages of these loops is their reasonable price. Due to this loupe’s exceptional ergonomics and unique design, you will not feel any particular weight on your nose and ears.

Buy Lumadent dental loupe

customers with lumadent loupes

customers with lumadent loupes

To buy Lumadent dental loupe directly from Nutrident, you can contact us. This American company offers various models with various frames, so you can benefit most from purchasing a loupe after receiving a free consultation. Just know your need and contact us. Our consultants will provide free advice to buy the best model of Luma dental loupe.

Lumadent headlight is one of the best headlights in the world!

Lumadent headlights are one of the best dental headlights and are very popular for use on loupes. These lights are available in 3 models: Prolux, Unilux, and Airlux, which we will examine each one of below. A headlight is one of the essential needs during treatment, just like Lumadent’s dental loupe. You can get the best results from your therapy by combining these two Lumadent products. In the following, we will see each of these 3 Lite models together:

Lumadent ProLux headlight

This light is one of the popular models of Lumadent light products. This light weighs 163 grams and has a height of 80.5 mm. The width of this light is 56 mm. Its length is limited to 21.3 mm. This light can be a very favorable combination with Lumadent dental loupe for different uses. It has a default battery; you can also order a dual-battery model in your order.

Dental headlight UniLux from Lumadent company

In this headlight, we see a unique design. This Luma dental headlight has two batteries that provide long-term performance and high efficiency. In addition, you can choose different colors for the two batteries of this headlight. In this article from Nutrident, you can see the specifications of this light compared to other headlights.

AirLux dental light from Lumadent USA

This light can be mentioned among other Lumadent lights. This dental headlight has a high-efficiency lithium polymer battery. Combining this product with Lumadent dental loupe can be one of your best combinations. You can see the specifications of this light with other lights in the following table:

Comparison of types of light dentistry of Lumadent American company

In the table below, the specifications of these three lights are ultimately compared:

Lumadent ProLux headlight UniLux headlight AirLux light from Lumadent
Headlight HL360 LED headlight model LED HL360 LED HL360
Lighting Up to 60,000 lux Up to 50,000 lux Up to 21,000 lux
Working Time Up to 40 hours Up to 12 hours 3 hours
Charging time 3 hours 2.5 Hours 3 hours
How to control Two-way visual control Inline control switch Simple touch control
battery charger Power outlet USB charger Micro USB charger
Wireless Ready to work Ready to work 100% Wireless

When buying Lomadent dental light, you can first pay attention to your needs. For example, the brightness of the headlights in the ProLux model is much higher than in other models. This makes you get the best performance from this light in terms of brightness. On the other hand, in the AirLux headlight, the operation and work are done only wirelessly. The charging time of each Lumadent headlight is over 2 hours. You can expect about 3 hours of charging from each of these headlights.

Introducing the new WAVELUX headlight from Lumadent America

Wavelux headlight is a new series of lights recently introduced and released. This light has a brightness of up to 50,000 lux, and you can easily control it. With each charge, you can use this attractive light for up to 12 hours. This light sensor has a touch-free light switch to turn the light on and off, which will significantly help you during the treatment. The charging time of Violox Lumadent headlight is 2.5 hours. To charge this device, you must use the USB Type-C port. The battery of this device is Panasonic lithium-ion, which will provide you with extremely high quality.

The Wavelux headlight has many features that Lumadent has released in 5 different and attractive designs. The headlight port for this device is 3.5 mm, and you can use two batteries inside it simultaneously. You can contact Nutrident company to buy Lumident WAVELUX headlights.

Buying different frames for Lumadent dental loupe

The frame has a special place among the Luma products offered by Nutrident. This frame can be chosen according to your face’s anatomy and taste. In different models, the ergonomic design of the frames has made it possible to get the best results from using Lumadent dental loupe. In the following, you can see the images of each dental loupe frame and then see their specification table:

Stellar frame luma loupe

Stellar frame luma loupe

SporTi model Lumadent frame

SporTi model Lumadent frame

Luma InfiniTi 2 frame

Luma InfiniTi 2 frame

The classic model of Luma dental frame loupe

The classic model of the Luma dental frame loupe

ClariTi 2 frame loupe

ClariTi 2 frame loupe

Lumadent Argon 2 frame

Lumadent Argon 2 frame

You can see the specifications of the mentioned frames, which are used for dental loupes, in the table below:

Frame Weight Width Length RX
Argon 2 29.7 Grams 133.5 mm 158 mm NO
ClariTi 2 25.7 Grams 132 mm 140 mm YES
Classic 32 Grams 136 mm 152 mm YES
Infiniti 2 28.2 Grams 138 mm 143.5 mm YES
SporTi 24 Grams 142 mm 158 mm NO
SporTi Petite 23 Grams 132 mm 153 mm NO
Stellar 33 Grams 135 mm 158 mm YES

You can contact the specialists of Nutrident company in the consultation unit to buy Lumadent dental frames, headlights, and loupes.

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