The Main agency of the Panda Scanner company in the UAE

main agency of the Panda Scanner company

Panda Scanner is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of production and development of advanced scanners. Panda company has been able to supply quality products to the market by using the world’s latest technologies and several years of experience and by offering different models of scanners such as Panda P2 scanner, Panda P3 scanner, Panda Smart scanner, and Panda Wireless scanner. For this reason, Panda scanners have been widely accepted among dentists. But how can you get Panda Scanner products in our country, UAE? To buy a Panda scanner, the most reliable and reliable place is the main agency of the Panda Scanner company. Nutrident is the only company in UAE. Stay with us for a better understanding of the rest of this article.

Nutridnet Company is the main agency of the Panda Scanner company

Nutrident is the only main agency of the Panda Scanner company in UAE. Nutridnet has been operating as a representative of Panda products for more than 4 years in UAE and is the only representative in UAE. If you are planning to buy a dental scanner and you want to buy from the main agency, the support team of Nutrident is ready to answer and guide you.

Nutrident features in providing Panda scanners

Maybe this question has arisen for you, why should we choose Panda Scanner from the main representative of the company? The answer to this question will be your confidence in the shortest possible time. But as the main agency of the Panda Scanner company in UAE, Nutrident Company has provided you with extraordinary benefits. Among these benefits are the following:

1. Installation

So far, Nutrident has installed more than 300 active Panda Scanner products in the UAE. This number of installations shows the confidence and satisfaction of customers in the quality and efficiency of Panda Scanner products and the services provided by the main agency of the Panda Scanner company. The installation and commissioning process is carried out by the professional team of Nutrident in such a way as to ensure that all the devices work correctly and with high efficiency.

2. After-sales service, online support

One of the strengths of Nutrident is its unique after-sales service. By providing online support, this company is always with its customers and answers their questions and problems. These services include troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance of devices, which are provided online and in person.

3. Possibility of installation in cities and training to employees

To provide better and more comprehensive services, Nutrident has also provided the possibility of installing Panda Scanner devices in the cities. The installation and support team of this company travels to all parts of the country and installs the devices carefully and professionally. Also, for the optimal use of the devices, comprehensive training is provided to the employees and users so that they can benefit from all the capabilities and facilities of the devices.

4. Automatic updates and a three-year warranty

Another prominent advantage of Panda Scanner products offered by Nutrident is the ability to receive automatic updates. This feature makes the devices always up-to-date and compatible with the latest technologies and improvements. In addition, all Panda scanner devices have a three-year warranty, which shows Nutrident’s confidence in the quality and durability of its products.

5. Future vision

To expand the scope of its activities and increase customer satisfaction, Nutrident is always improving and developing its services and products. Notridnet has plans to increase the number of active installations, improve the quality of after-sales service, and provide newer and more advanced products. Due to the ever-growing need for professional scanners in the dental industry, we are trying at the Nutrident team to improve our position in the market by providing the best products and services.


As the main agency of the Panda Scanner company in the UAE, Nutrident Company has been able to gain the satisfaction and trust of its customers by providing quality products and excellent after-sales services. Relying on its experience and technical knowledge, Nutrident provides installation, training, and online support services and provides customers with the confidence of automatic updates and a three-year warranty. To buy all kinds of dental intraoral scanners from the main representative of Panda Scanner Company in UAE, contact our team experts at Nutrident right now.

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