Dental light cure: introducing the best light cure + its application in dentistry

Dental light cure

In dental restorative treatments, the use of composite instead of amalgam is popular as one of the necessary accessories in dentistry. Today, filling the tooth space with composite is known as a common method for treating tooth decay. Today’s composites are initially in paste form and they are also called optical composites. When light hits composites, they begin to harden. This light reaches the composites by a device called light cure, which is very important in dentistry today. In the rest of this article, we will learn more about the dental light cure and check the types of brands that make it. Nutrident can be the best option to view and buy Light Cure in UAE or Dental equipment in Dubai.

What is Light Cure?

Light Cure is one of the most important dental equipment that every dentist needs in restorative treatment. The use of optical composites and dental light cure improves dental restorative treatments. This method is very widely used and effective and gives more strength and beauty to the teeth. Also, modern dental technologies and their combination with new scientific knowledge provide more facilities and comfort to patients. For example, today’s optical composites beautify the appearance of teeth with the ability to match the color of natural teeth.

The power of radiation in different light cures is in milliwatts per square centimeter. Its radiation power indicates the amount of radiation power that enters the surface unit. The higher the power, the less time required for radiation. The amount of radiation power in different light cures varies from 100 milliwatts per square centimeter to 3000 milliwatts per square centimeter.

Application of light cure in dentistry

Application of Dental light cure

Application of Dental light cure

Composite is a combination of monomers. When light hits these monomers, they turn into a rigid polymer. In general, the dental light cure is used to harden composite materials. Since the composites are initially in the form of a paste, the dentist can fill the tooth cavity and restore it as desired easily. After the restoration, in the next step, the dentist tightens it using the light cure device.

Another use of the dental Light Cure device is to strengthen the teeth. Greater strength after restoration allows the repaired tooth to function well and without problems in everyday applications such as eating and speaking. Also, the use of a light cure device in the process of hardening composites is limited to a short time. This means saving treatment time and patients can quickly return to their daily activities.

Types of dental light cure

Light cure is produced in different brands due to its very important use in dentistry. Choosing the best dental light cure among different brands is a difficult task. In the following, we introduce 4 manufacturer brands that are superior to other brands. So check them carefully and choose the best option according to your needs.

1. Woodpecker Light Cure

Woodpecker Light Cure has many fans among dentists. Due to the light output power and set time, Woodpecker dental light cure causes fast polymerization of composite and dental adhesives. Because this device is small and portable, it can be easily used in dental offices. Also, Woodpecker brand light cures are available in the market at a reasonable price and are used by most dentists.

It should be noted that this device must be used carefully and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is better to carefully read and follow the instructions for its use and maintenance before using it. Woodpecker light cures are a great option for all dentists. To buy and see more detailed specifications, you can refer to the dental equipment page.

Woodpecker Light Cure

Woodpecker Light Cure

2. Light Cure Eighteenth

Etis (Eightteeth) is another famous brand that operates in dental equipment production. Dental light cure made by Itis brand is known as one of the best dental light cures due to its extraordinary benefits. One of the main advantages of Light Cure Etis is the ability to adjust the treatment time. By using a special device that produces UV rays, the exact treatment time can be controlled.

Light Cure Eighteeth

Light Cure Eighteenth

3. Light Cure Dent America

Dent America is another brand of Light Cure dentistry. America’s Light Cure Dent has distinctive features that make it a desirable product in dentistry. One of the main advantages of this device is the fast stabilization time. Because of the light technology that is used, LightCureDent America is fixed immediately and patients do not need to wait long for the treatment to finish.

Dental Light Cure price

The price of a dental light cure device depends on various parameters. One of the factors that determine the price of Light Cure is the manufacturer’s brand. There are different brands in the dental market and each of them sets a different price for their products. Famous and reputable brands may cost more; Because they have more credibility in the market and are known for higher quality.

Another factor that affects the price of the light cure device is the quality of the product. Light cure dentistry in high quality and using advanced technologies may cost more. Build quality, special features, battery life, and other technical features can directly impact price.

Also, the function of light cure is effective in determining the price. Some models may have special features. Different lighting modes, timed timers, or features related to ease of use and maintenance are some of these features. These features can be different according to the needs and preferences of each person and as a result, affect the price of Light Cure.

In the Nutrident in UAE online store, you can view and order a variety of Light Cure dental devices. We offer quality and diverse light cures in cooperation with reputable brands in the field of dentistry. We are proud to provide our customers with the best products to meet their needs.


In this article, we introduced the Dental Light Cure device and the best brands that make it. We said that Light Cure is used in tooth restoration treatment and is used to harden the material in the composite. Different brands produce this device. Light Cure Woodpecker, Itis, Dent America, and Coxo are the best brands of this device, which we reviewed in this article.

The price of Dental Light Cure varies according to the manufacturer’s brand, type of function, and quality. To choose the best light cure, you should consider all these things and choose the right option according to your budget. You can contact the experts of Nutrident in UAE to buy dental equipment consultation in Dubai.

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